Walnut Creek Farm
September, 2011 - Article by Aaron Cress
walnut creek farm image
Caption:Walnut creek farm with it's windmill intentional offset with the blades to protect it from strong winds.--Photo by: Aaron Cress--

Located in southwest Rowan County, Walnut Creek Farm is a prime example of picturesque country living, with a finely groomed landscape, horses, and old restored home, a red barn, and a majestic view of the setting sun. David Freeze has put countless hours not only into maintaining the farm, but also into the restoration of several historic structures on the land, including the barn. The farmhouse is close to a century old and is now in excellent condition, aesthetically and structurally.

Part of the farm’s welcoming feel comes from the horses, which aren’t skittish at all. They walked right up to the gate, sticking their faces in front of the camera, probably mistaking it for food. After this greeting, they looked as if they were actually posing, as they pranced around an old basketball court with the barn and windmill in the background.

David explained how he keeps the windmill, which is perfect condition, free from damage. A windmill is designed to seek the wind, so heavy storms can cause sheared blades. This is why you often see windmills with missing pieces. To keep this from happening, the windmill is fitted with an adjustable tailpiece, which will cause the windmill to stop seeking the wind directly in strong storms. With this piece, the stop swivels more and the blades don’t rotate as fast.

While gazing over the open fields, you get a view of the entire western sky. It is possible to see storms that are raining down on the mountains over 100 miles away.