Charlotte 49ers Inaugural football game
August 31st, 2013 - Article by Aaron Cress
football UNCC
Caption: The 49ers take the field for the inaugural football game at Jerry Richardson stadium. -- Photo by: Aaron Cress --
With the 2013 football season starting up fans get out their gear and get ready to cheer on their team, this year though another team has been added to that football fan club the UNC Charlotte 49ers. The Charlotte 49ers even though the team itself is new they had a strong fan base for the August 31st Inaugural game. Alumni and current students start the day off by tailgating and hitting the campus book store for 49er gear. Some students went ahead and made their way to Jerry Richardson stadium at 9:00am to be the first ones in for the 12:00 O’clock game. All while the press and wealthy University donors had a media frenzy. The local new channel packed out the press box and season ticket holders went searching for thier seats. All this is going on before the 49ers even get out on the field to warm up. When the team finally hits the field, excitement and anticipation can be felt as the fans cheer exuberantly to welcome the home team. Those in the stand know this isn’t just a football game or a season opener, but history being played out and a new era at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Caption:Charlotte fans rush the field right after the 49ers win their first ever football game. -- Photo by: Aaron Cress --

Everyone wanted to be part of history in the making and the fans packed out the 15,000 seat Jerry Richardson stadium. A bold turnout for a team that had never been tested but the 49ers didn’t disappoint the fans! The opposing team the Campbell Camels won the coin toss to receive the ball but didn’t keep it very long with a quick interception that turned into a touchdown on the second play. The 49ers started the football game with the right momentum and never loss their momentum either scoring 4 touchdown, two field goals, and even making one two point conversion all before half time! The defense perform equally as strong holding the Campbell Camel to only one touchdown that was questionable at best.

The football game slow down slightly after the half as the second string 49ers entered the game but the domination continued. Two more field goals and one more touch down completely unanswered by the Camels to make the final score 52-7. The fans rushed the field to congratulate the Niners on a historical victory. Couch Lambert at the press conference was slightly lost for words and lost in the moment to believe what really just happened. The players all gave credit to each other and thanked all those that had came together to make UNC Charlotte football a reality. We should all give the football players and their couches credit for the sportsmanship and teamwork they displayed on that momentous day.

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