Spicy Chinese Dish, 水煮牛肉 (Shuǐ zhǔ niúròu), Boiled beef
August 1st, 2013 - Article by Aaron Cress
spicy chinese dish image
Caption:水煮牛肉 A specialty Chinese spicy beef dish found in commonly southern China. -- Photo by: Aaron Cress --

Ever had a dish that you really liked and then couldn’t find it anywhere and didn’t know how to make it? Well you are not alone Bryan an international business man had a dish in China he couldn’t find anywhere in the states. Authentic Chinese is very different than American Chinese food to start with the ingredients are different. Often times local ingredients are used which means the pepper and species that have a huge impact on the favor vary widely from the ones used in American and in American Chinese food.

Fortunately these ingredients are import to America and can be found at international grocery stores like the Grand Asian Market located in Matthews NC. The Grand Asian market is an interesting place to look around and good place to try some authentic dishes fix there. Shopping though can be difficult if you don’t understand Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or one of the other Oriental languages since all the packaging isn’t in English. One of the reasons this dish’s ingredients aren’t list here. Next difference in American cooking and Chinese cooking is style. American cooking is typically slower and less preparation work where as Chinese is ideally cooked over an open flame to get the proper heat and more labor intensive in preparing the ingredients. This intense open flame heat does a better job at siring and caramelize the vegetables and meat as oppose to steaming them in hot oils.

Caption:Shuang fixes the dish as Bryan watches and learns how to make this Chinese specialty. -- Photo by: Aaron Cress --

Now to the dish seen above it is called水煮牛肉 (Shuǐ zhǔ niúròu) which translates to boiled beef. This is a normal spicy to spicy dish commonly found in the Szechuan providence and is more of a southern Chinese specialty dish. The boiled beef is very tender since it sliced very thin and rubbed with a pepper powder, corn starch, and 5 species powder. The beef has a Doubanjiang sauce and red chili peppers added to it as the beef is sired. After being sired the beef mixture is put on top of a boiled cabbage dish than additional pepper and green onion are added. Finally to top off the dish hot oil is poured on top to release favor from the green onion and pepper that was put on top of the dish. In this dish three different types of spicy peppers are used and the red chili pepper is mainly used for favor. This is where the dish can go from normal spicy to very spicy if you eat some of the red chili peppers. Afterwards the broth and red peppers are saved and used later to make a special type of spicy noodle soup.