The Exotic Peacock
May, 2011 - Article by Aaron Cress
peacock image
Caption: The peacock crosses a dirt road going from the corn field to a farmers backyard.--Photo by: Aaron Cress--

A friend from Spain once mentioned that they don’t have squirrels where he is from. It never occurs to most Americans that a squirrel could be considered an exotic animal. It is enlightening to consider what local animals might be considered exotic to someone who lives elsewhere.

This is a valuable mindset while setting out to photograph wild animals. One interesting example is the peacock. How would this bird be described to someone who had never seen one? Perhaps as a mix of a chicken, a zebra, and a fashion show. The grand size of the bird’s feathers and the crest atop its head makes it resemble a creature straight out of the rainforest. Though they look quite exotic, peacocks are commonly found of farms because they are effective for pest control. Though not tame, they are very territorial to farmland.