The Summer Bug
June 24th, 2013 - Article by Aaron Cress
japanese beetle image
japanese beetle profile image
Caption: Japanese beetle pictured above is commonly mistaken for a June bug. -- Photo by: Aaron Cress --
The Japanese beetle commonly called the June bug takes to the skies in the summer heat and then easily knock back down to earth by kids out playing. Even though the name June bug and Japanese beetle are commonly interchanged they are two different species but belong to the same Scarab family. Both are green and similar in shape but the Japanese beetle picture above is smaller, rounder, and typically about an inch long. The Japanese beetle originated from Japan and was accidently introduce to the North Eastern United States in the early 1900’s.This beetle has now infested most of the eastern US and continues to spread and damage turf grasses and other crops. These aren’t migrating inspects they live underground though out most the year and reach maturity in the summer time when they come above ground for mating and grubbing on crops. Gardener and farmers may despise of small creature, but kids find them fun to catch and even torture by tying a string to one of their legs to make them fly in circles. There isn't any need for you to do try this yourself for entertainment because you can easily find hundreds of videos of this on youtube.