Take a ride dockside
June, 2011 - Article by Aaron Cress

Tooth brush, check

Clothes, check,

500 miles of paved highway, Check

It’s a good thing the roads don’t have to be packed in a suitcase! America’s interstate system is an impressive infrastructure that most travelers take for granted. The highway system makes is possible to travel almost anywhere in the country in no more than a few days. One great thing about the taxpayer-funded interstate system is that it is open to all.

In addition to roads, the Department of Transportation also provides free ferry service. During the summer, up to two-thousand cars a day travel on the ferry from Hatteras to Ocracoke Island. After speaking with the men and women who work on the ferries, you gain a true appreciation for the projects that are paid for with tax dollars. It is nice to know that the money goes toward the paychecks of these hard-working individuals.

ferry graphic image
ferry S.P. Bittman image
Caption:Ferry crewman S. P. Bittmann on deck while the ferry leaves Hatteras island and heading towards Ocracoke. --Photo by: Aaron Cress--