Shackleford Island NC
November 12, 2010 - Article by Aaron Cress
shackleford island two surfers walking the beach
Caption: Two surfers walk the beach back to the ferry after a long cool day of surfing at Shackleford Island.
--Photo by: Aaron Cress--

A short ferry ride from Beauford, NC, will take you to sunny Shackleford Island, where you will find a shore full of conch shells and fields of wild horses grazing in the distance. The island offers many opportunities for fishermen and surfers, with plenty of space and large, perfectly barreled waves. It was chilly on this day, but anyone with a wet suit or a little dedication could still get into the water. Chilly or not, Shackleford Island makes for the perfect day trip any time of year. All you need to do is pack a lunch. Just remember to protect the wildlife by cleaning up after yourself!