October 5th, 2013 - Article by Aaron Cress
Caption: The Charlotte skyline seen from Central Piedmont Community College's parking deck. -- Photo by: Aaron Cress --
Locations in photography are vital resource for photographers but are often overlooked in how much they impact an image. Scouting out awesome places to pose models will take some time and networking with others can help minimize this process and even give you special access to location you couldn’t get any other way. Another way to find interesting spots is get on Google maps and look for places that have lots of photo icons to see what others have done at that location. Keeping an archive of good locations is also a smart thing to do, so when you are in a pinch you can quickly sort through sample photos from locations to show a client.

Once you find a great place to shoot don’t just neglect use it over and over, find slight variations and perspectives within the location to keep images fresh. Share the locations with other photographers to discover even more ideas and ways to approach shooting at the location. For landscapes and cityscapes like the one above, be sure to photograph them in different seasons or as the skyline changes. If you have some great locations around Charlotte North Carolina or would like to know some cool places just send me a message on the contact page. Thanks and it is always good to hear back from readers!

Client List
-Rowan Magazine

-Salisbury Post

-Charlotte Business Journal

-Running Journal
-Urban Homes Magazine

-American Airlines

-Charlotte Research Institute

-Millennial magazine
-Rowan Salisbury Runners

-UNC Charlotte Exchange Magazine

-University of North Carolina at Charlotte

-Charlotte Research and Economic Development

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