starry night protected image

Starry Night

Photographer: Aaron Cress
Location: Cooper Rd Salisbury, NC
Date: April, 2008

This is a 7 minute exposure to get the stars to streaking across the sky. This shot was made after the sun had set but with a dwindle of light left on the horizon. With exposure that take several minutes to even hours its hard to judge the settings and with twilight constantly fading durning the exposure. While sitting and waiting to get an image two cars past with one beaming its lights directly into the lens for a good 15 second. I believed the at that point the image was ruined and over exposed to light. I waited on the exposure finish anyways and was shooked by how the car lights had illuminated the sides of the road just enough and made some interesting car trails while not effecting the skys exposures.

#Stars, Country, Light trails, long exposure, sunset, twilight

Limited Print Series