Established in 2007

A pursuit of passion that is half art and half science.

Cress Photography is about creating images with impact and was established in 2007 by Aaron Cress. He is a goal oriented individual focused on making visions a reality and will let him take it from here…

“Thank you, Photography is as much an art as it is a science and when you combine the two and can communicate with others you have a winning combination. Drawing from both the arts and science background I can relate to a broad range of people and put them at easy infront of the lens. Having experience in different areas of photography which includes real estate, product, event, portrait, as well as scientific photography I can produce unique visuals that resonate with a broader range of individuals. I thoroughly enjoy learning the processes and technical information from various industries and grasp complex ideas quickly. I’ve found that when working with researchers, engineers, and technicians the best way to get the impactful images is to be truly interested in their work and technical expertise. I am happy to reciprocate and share my knowledge of photography as I work those in front of the lens as well. I’ve found that this puts people at easy that are not normally in front of a camera and give them reassurance that I know my craft thoroughly. I can be a very serious when working with business matters, but I am also very personable and genuine when operating a camera. I look forward to learning more about what you produce and how I can help create images with impact for you.”

Aaron Cress

Owner and photographer, Cress Photography