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Full Color Fall
November 5th, 2013 - Article by Aaron Cress
uncc fall
Caption:UNC Charlotte campus on a warm fall day.
-- Photo by: Aaron Cress --

The changing of the season and the aroma of pumpkins and apple cider fill the air. Fall the time of year when school and the holiday season are in full swing and everyone is filled with anticipation. The days start to get shorter and the while the leaves become vibrant patches of color. The rustling of leaves as the tumbled across the sidewalks and the crisp crunch under foot as you step on the leaves. It really is a wonderful time of year where the feeling of change is all around.

Typically this time of year is sweater weather, but for North Carolina the weather can fluctuate quite drastically in temperature from day to day. On Halloween day it really couldn’t have been a nicer day with few clouds in the sky and the sun that kept the air warm as it blew through the leaves on the upper 60 degree day. Days like these are the one you hate to be inside and grateful when meeting are cancelled simply for perfect weather outside.

For the last day of October it really seemed more like a late summer day with students walking around in shorts and tank tops. Not only where the leaves in full color so where some individuals with their Halloween costumes. With no rain in the forecast and most school taking a teacher workday for November 1st it couldn’t be a better day to celebrate Halloween. This is the type of day where you can close your eyes and let the breeze carry away your troubles and just appreciate simply living and just hope no one dressed up comes by and scares you while your eyes are closed.

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